NEMESYS Technology: electrical storage for all needs

NEMESYS adopted the Intellectual Property Company (IPC) as business model.

We aim at stipulating agreements and joint-ventures with industrial parteners interested in using Nemesys technology for their specific applications or products, in order to share with them preindustrial developement programs, or to provide them technological support for the participaton at calls for tender, such as  PON POR CREO or Horizon 2020.

The following industrial production of the devices that have been developed and eventually patented for the specific use (according to the Joint Venture agreements) could be committed to the licensee partner, in whole or in part.

Development and production of fast-rechargeable hydrogen batteries, from smartphones to smart grids and any other application requiring lightness, high authonomy, and high speed recharge. Easy to move, efficient and safe compared to traditional batteries and simple fuel-cells.

Here you can find some expamples of the possible applications we can develop together with partners who are interested in our technology for their devices.



From Smart Mobility to mid-sized Drones to the Recharging, regulation and control of smart grids